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A) Defamation
B) Publication of fake documents
C) Libelum
D) False reports with no legal basis
E) Reproduction of anonymous publications
F) Scandalous Press
G) Mixing criminal reports of public convicts with the life biography or activity of well doing people, to generate misconfusion, insecurity, and unconscious association of criminal identity to the legal activity of individual organizations. The above mentioned constitute an illegal act of misleading association.

3) Publication of false stories of people life and activities, with the
purpose of:

A) Extortion
B) Jeopardize the activity of organizations that fights against drug dealing, drug abuse, pornography, paedophilia, and illegality in internet or other areas.
C) Destroy by criminal informative means, the legal and competitive activity of other people or companies through misinformation.
D) To libel the identity of differently political or economic oriented organizations.

These groups with their fake diligence activity, or anonymous information really belong to large and world extended powerful mafias, acting to protect their economic, political, or wrong doing interests. These are simple delinquents with disguised identities.

Another method used by this type of perpetrators is to publish anonymous defamatory information, placed through an internet café. After awhile a second group identify themselves as detectives, approach the offended people to erase the news and re-establish the good name of the offended person, demanding an amount starting at 50,000 U.S dollars.

Be extremely careful of all this sort of net delinquents and fraudesters. True due diligence agencies are well established and they are part of the judiciary and police system. Any information that is coming from an anonymous source or non institutional diligence agency, citizens have the obligation to corroborate them exclusively with the courts and through agents of law. Always when you are in front of this type of information ask yourself the following two questions:

A) Have you checked the veracity of this information?
B) Have you checked international tribunals, courts of justice, or police departments to confirm the institutional or governmental identity of the informants; the answer will always be no.

Normally, please address always to the legal authorities to corroborate any information, and the governmental identity of any diligence group. This is a warning done from the European Union that requires maximum attention and responsibility for the security of all citizens.

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