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In the fight against crime and illegality on global bases, E.E.D.C has developed some major programs which among others are the following:

1) fight against drugs consumption and abuse with special research on the preconsumption or preventive phase, and on the addiction phase through the guidance of new technology and methodology.
2) combat of pornography, paedophilia, and delinquency in the internet, such as:

A) Libel and anonymous slander information on the web
B) Internet blackmail to companies and individuals
C) Pressure groups acting through internet to jeopardize the legal humanitarian social commercial or financial activities, in order to protect their own interests and lobbies, using any form of misleading information to create fear, or to destroy the image and the legal activity of an individual or an organization.

Today a legal framework is not established, and effectively operating in order to stop the pirate activity or misleading information in internet.

As consequence of the above mentioned, an important warning is to not ever follow any anonymous or not legally supported information. Serious information should be supported only by legal institutions or governmental offices. Be extremely careful of any information especially coming from the so-called diligizers in the web, which there are not part of the justice institutions, police department, or governmental research groups entitled to do so.

Following and expanding this type of illegal information is to contribute to crime
with its due legal consequences.


These web specialize criminals, follow some special pattern of behaviour, that
allow us to identify them as perpetrators of wrong doing activities. Among
these behavioural patterns, we can identify:

1) Anonymous messages or information signed by names that does not correspond to any real person, with no authentic identification cards, credentials, address, or any solid references confirming their existence, just a fake name. Be extremely careful with these perpetrators.
2) The use of the name diligence, without being a governmental agency to create a fake institutional identity to mislead the good faith of the readers.

Many of the so called due diligence groups, use this type of pompous name as a disguise to create the pretention of an institutional identity, which is absolutely fake, they are simply common criminals. Their activity is extended in the following areas:

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