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H.E President of the Republic of Indonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri, accompanied by H.E. Ambassador Francisco X. Lopes da Cruz, is received by the President of the Hellenic Republic Constantino Stephanopoulos.

H.E. President of the Republic ofIndonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri and H.E. Ambassador Francisco X. Lopes da Cruz, greet H.E. Queen Sophia of Spain on the Acropolis.


The President of the EEDC together with the Minister and Councillor of the Presidency to Chad, Mr. Ali Fadel Ali Mahamat together with the legal and financial advisers of the Government of Chad, and representing the EEDC, the telecommunications advisers Mr. Javier Alvarez and Mr. Rafael Higueras and Ms. Estrella del Real.

The legal adviser for the Government of Chad, the President of the EEDC and Ms. del Real.

The representatives and authorities of the Government of Chad, Ms. del Real .

Signing and delivery of the protocols for telecommunications, transport and water treatment presented by EEDC to the representatives of the Government of Chad.

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