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1. The European Economic Development Council (EEDC) is an Institution registered in the European Union as a public welfare organization and at the Spanish Home Office, primarily aimed at the following sectors:

a - Development of institutional, governmental, social, infrastructural and private projects, mainly during the initial stages. We will describe in a later segment the different fields in which our activity is focused.

b - Development of scientific and technological projects, primarily during the final stage of the project. In this case, our task is to obtain funds from our investment portfolio for the development of a project during its final stage, as well as its industrialization and trade in international markets. We simultaneously seek to protect the rights and to act within the guidelines provided by the project owner or holder. Our institution has great interest in the development of new alternatives in the fields of energy, mechanics, dynamics, biotechnology, medical sciences, ecological science, transport and communications technologies and various other research disciplines.

c - Humanitarian projects that require subsidiary funds especially in the primary sectors: human services and needs, environmental protection, protection of the biosphere. The Council is committed to the protection of endangered species and to the preservation of the cultural traditions and lifestyles of all peoples.

d - Cultural projects that safeguard and enhance one's spiritual life and will encourage the development of fundamental values, which are and will be the pillars of civilization.

2. EEDC is comprised of a significant, internationally recognized group
of members and honorary advisors that hold relevant positions in industrial, political, financial, diplomatic and institutional fields.

a - The current GLOBAL PRESIDENT AND CEO OF EEDC is Mr. Enrique Aguirrezabala Castaņeda. He is the President of Transamerican Projects, an international group of trustees that is registered with the European Union and is a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce Paris) and with its Spanish branch, the C.C.I.

b - Mr.Enrique Aguirrezabala, acting in his capacity as an international trustee, holds in his trust and investment portfolio important foundations and investment funds that total more than $ 20 billion USD. He has signed and/or maintained contracts, agreements, and governmental and institutional mandates for important infrastructure projects, such as high-speed trains, airports, and maritime ports, motorways, energy plants, technological and scientific research projects. Currently, the aforementioned projects total more than $ 4,500 million USD.
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