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4. Financing. We consider two types of potential financing methods:

   a) - The primary market that includes the following lines of finance:

        I) Export credit lines

        II) B.O.T (Built Operate and Transfer)

        III) B.O.O (Built Operate and Own)

        IV) IV) Joint Ventures and direct investment by association.

   b) Special types of financing:

I) Partial or total subsidies according to the terms and conditions of the projects. Projects need to be studied and approved by our Council.

II) Discounts and collateralization of instruments, such as the support structure for the financial implementation of a project. In some cases, we can include the wrapping system through an international first line insurance that can support the credit line or the discount of the instrument.

III) Special financial development programs, with a potential subsidy from 50% to 100% of the project, according to the social and economic terms of the project, which should have previously been approved by the Council. One can only have access to this special financing scheme upon previous request of the owner of the project, who has part of the funds aimed at the implementation of the project. The Council is in charge of studying and approving the project as a previous condition of its final acceptance.
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