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5. Representation. The Council has permanent representatives, delegations and offices in more than twenty-five countries, comprising several hundreds of people focused on the development and on the management of projects.

The organization chart is comprised of prestigious and distinguished individuals world-wide.

6. General Philosophy. Projects that involve the participation of the EEDC have very different natures but a single aim: to promote the growth of nations and of countries and to strengthen the relationships among individuals for the common development of the aims inherent to the human progress.

Our Council is open to any kind of suggestions concerning its public activity, as well as to all types of properly supported inquiries and proposals within the scope of the aforementioned activities and of others related to the spirit of our institution.

We are also open to the integration of different groups or individuals from diverse cultures or countries. These groups must be willing to implement projects or programs aimed at this integration. The intent of the projects should be to increase the development of human life and the protection of the most needed sectors, not only regarding human life but also life in general.

Our institution is also open to opinions that could be diametrically opposed or heterodox to those established by science, technology, research or culture. We believe that many of the ideas and alternative knowledge, though officially rejected, may be applicable in certain situations and may thus enrich the lives of many. For these reasons, we welcome new proposals aimed at improving the lives and living conditions of individuals, while at the same time helping us to prepare for the future.

Our Council is a non-governmental organization with an important network of resources that include industrial, financing, and governmental resources, as well as individuals that with their intelligence, capacity and/or their professional status have jurisdiction over all these segments.

It is also true that our Council will always safeguard and protect the confidentiality of its members and of their resources to avoid the misuse of information and the appearance of non-desirable elements. In the case where an entity or individual does not share our basic principles, reflected in our above-mentioned philosophy, we will try to prevent the misuse of information and will protect our large network of resources.

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