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7. Finally, we would like to say that during our expansion process, the Council has decided to establish a new institution, The Eurasian Economic Development Council, in which eight Asian countries will participate. This new entity will work together with members of the European Economic Development Council and relevant members of the Eurasian Council.

8. New Communication technology. Our projects embrace the creation of a new electronic network, whose basis will be developed by important experts in telecommunication, electronics and advanced technology. This new network will be defined by the acronym NNN (Net Non Net). This network will be operated by a restricted number of users and will comprise the principal infrastructural, governmental and institutional projects, as well as the current scientific, technological and research projects and their implementation. It will also include the companies and the industrial groups that could have access to those projects, to find the best solutions to implement and to develop the structures for the industrial, scientific, technological and economic alliances required.

The NNN is a new program that will bring about a different and advanced system to enable the swift, efficient and direct communication between small, large and macro-size projects. In addition, the NNN system will find and provide the technological and constructive solutions, as well as the investment and financial services needed to execute the project. Unnecessary intermediaries and costs will be eliminated.

Taking into account the ideas stated above, either a central, national or regional government, a researcher, or a scientific, technological group, or a private entrepreneur can have direct and immediate access to industrial groups and financial sources, and will ensure the secure implementation of the projects. In addition, these industrial groups will have immediate and direct access to the said projects and their potential implementation.

Another objective of the EEDC will be to use the residual or partial resources of a portion of these projects for humanitarian aid and for the development of new ideas and of forms of support for countries and for individuals. These will be structured through a referendum of the Council members.

As stated before EEDC is an international management trust institution formed by trustees charged with the safeguarding, the management, and the development of projects, funds, investments, and international missions.

The EEDC is, in addition, an international investment and business hub.
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