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4. EEDC Structure and Divisions:

I. EEDC WDO and Presidency:

This is the command and control centre of EEDC, where all the major strategies are developed for the global expansion and activities of EEDC. It is directly controlled by the President of EEDC and his staff. Among others, the main activities are:
> To direct the political and strategic activities for world welfare and development
> To interact with governmental, public and private institutions and individuals in order to provide solutions to their needs giving access to funding, technical, industrial and financial advice and support,
> Project development and execution. EEDC can provide, upon analysis and agreement, complete solutions to projects on world-wide basis, within a complete range of services that covers from the study, analysis and funding of the project, to its execution and follow-up on a turnkey basis, procuring financial and technical solutions, and mid-size to major prime contractors in all segments of engineering, industry, technology and construction.
> To supervise and generate the governing laws of the organization in conjunction with the executive board.
> To direct, coordinate, and survey all the divisions of EEDC.

II. EEDC Financial Trust:

The main purpose of this trust is:
> To finance the development of international projects, both public and private.
> To provide solutions to the recruitment of funds in different modalities
> To take decisions in conjunction with EEDC Presidency to invest in well-established projects from its private management fund
> To manage international funds for further investment or placement in the development of global projects around the world
> To survey the maintenance and expansion of its own private investment portfolio, generated by external investors or by EEDC internal funding portfolio.
> To create financial surveillance committees for the analysis of project funding and investment.
> To provide new forms or alternative solutions for financial expansion, funding, and project development.


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