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A standard system can provide for a plant of 1,500 metric tons per day, around 7 to 9 megawatts. This new technology can generate industrial energy equal to 64 megawatts of power. The plant will absorb around 6 megawatts. The result will be a 50 megawatts plant, and 50 megawatts of energy free of charge, including of course a waste treatment plant from 1500 to 4000 metric tons per day of waste. Additionally the plant is capable to produce steam and various other sub products, including the capacity to recycle all sorts of oils.

>> For the afore mentioned projects EEDC is starting to create special centres for development, research, and production. We are negotiating the purchase of an 18th century castle in Eastern Europe, and a convent in Belgium, where scientists, inventors, and technological developers will be living and working in high-standard conditions to develop the projects related to these breakthrough technologies. At the same time this group of thinkers and scientists will be able to organize on a regular basis meetings and symposia to analyse future developments and solutions with other specialists from all over the planet. This experience is to be repeated in Russia, Serbia and Asia, creating a brotherhood of knowledge for the development of thought and research in new fields. Emphasis will be made on alternative vision and unorthodox thinking. An additional aim of this global project is to recruit new talented people to support their ideas and concepts that will provide welfare and progress to human beings.

V. EEDC Institute for Geostrategic Analysis

This is the geopolitical consulting arm of EEDC dedicated to analyse the needs and requirements of governments, institutions and individuals in the global network of the 21st century.
An international network of individuals and highly specialised consultants with different points of view and strategies will provide and study the best global solutions for specific projects. Let's suppose that there is the need to build a hospital or a power plant. The standard method is to provide the finance to a good company, which does the job on a turnkey basis and pay for it, with perhaps some additional benefits in the funding system or in the collateral services of the works.

>> EEDC criteria is totally different:
First, we will analyse through EEDC Financial Trust, the best financial solutions to provide better terms and conditions and enhancement of the capital structure when possible.
Second, through EEDC Science and Technology Trust, we will search on a worldwide basis for the breakthrough technology we can apply as alternative solutions, when possible, instead of standard procedures.
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