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>> The aim and activity of EEDC is, upon agreement and if required, to bring 100% of the capital needed and provide contracts for the new company, international expansion, marketing, industrial and commercial facilities for production and sales. The function of the technological partner and developer is to administer the company on a technological and scientific basis and provide the necessary know-how. A mutual board of governors will be created to manage the company that will act on a neutral and objective basis to procure the result and expansion. In this way each party accomplishes its task without interfering in the capacity and natural function of the other party. If new funding is needed for expansion, or in order to create a new project, EEDC will be ready to start the dialogue, providing, upon agreement, additional funds and if needed a new special purpose company for the new project to be developed.

>> EEDC is currently working in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology for blood analysis and disease detection, text to speech, speech to text and E learning systems, early warning dyslexia detection, and stem cell organ reconstruction, among others. Let's analyze some of these projects:

>> Flying drones. This is a break-through technology related to stealth flying units for surveillance control and communications on civilian and military basis; The new drones are a meter and a half, not detectable to radar, they can survey cities, streets, individuals, coasts, country borders. They have capacity to detect sharks in the oceans protecting human divers, control undocumented immigrants arriving, by land or by the ocean even in small vessels. They can transport food, medicine, and special equipment including inflatable rescue boats. Drones are capable of recognizing day and night and send continuous information to various control centres simultaneously. They include all sorts of infrared and night vision devices using the latest CCD microchips. In addition they have a flying period of ten hours of flight with an approximated speed of 170-200 kilometers an hour.

>> We have completed a new generation of microchips and a full detecting system able to locate and detect mobile and static units or human beings on the planet. This micro unit can be placed in human beings, goods, commodities, military equipment, stocks, paintings and objects of art in museum and collections, and in any object that requires control and survey with total precision and detection capacity.

>> Plans have been already established to finance unique new energy devices that will dramatically reduce the cost of energy and construction of a new generation of power plants.

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