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III. EEDC Special Purpose companies

This is the pragmatic, internal investment and development arm of EEDC. The basic concept of EEDC Special purpose companies could be highlighted as follows:

EEDC WDO is the geopolitical and geostrategic segment of EEDC, and in many cases the core unit to receive and despatch for analysis and distribution the different projects presented to EEDC Head Office or to any other office or representative of EEDC in the world. In addition, we have the EEDC Financial Trust that, under the surveillance and approval of EEDC WDO, procures the funding or investment by different means to the projects presented.

With these two basic structures, EEDC WDO and EEDC Financial Trust, a number of special purpose companies are created, with an independent life and autonomy from EEDC, these companies exist to develop and support each new project to be funded. We will give a short example of this:

A real estate group in Latin America have required from EEDC several million USD to develop a major real estate project. Upon agreement, EEDC will provide 100% of the required capital and the real estate developers provide the land. In that moment a special purpose company will be created to develop the project. Then the Latin American developers will be managing the business and procuring the expected profit. Furthermore, when profits will be generated for the development of the project, EEDC will reinvest part of those profits in future projects to generate more development and welfare.

This example is exactly applicable as pars pro toto to any other investment, and for any type of special purpose companies created by EEDC, mutatis mutandis, whatever the nature the project will be, i.e. science and technology, telecommunications, real estate, hospitals, industrial development, and for any private or public project with private participation.

IV. EEDC Science and Technology Trust:

This is a trust exclusively created to fund and develop breakthrough technology and new specific roads of thinking and research.

Our funding and development approach is based in a totally new model, let's briefly see how it works:

>> A scientist, technological developer or inventor, who is looking then for funding, and is not willing to go into a traditional funding scheme where they will be absorbed by a large technological corporation or controlled by the capital, can through EEDC access a new way to develop and expand his project, create his own development company and be shareholder of it in conjunction with EEDC. In order to do that EEDC will create a special purpose company, where the scientist or technological developer becomes the co-owner, in conjunction with the EEDC shareholders.

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