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>> Studies in gravity and magnetic motors have been submitted to EEDC in order to approve the funding to procure the first prototypes related to this new technological concept.

>> EEDC has reached an agreement to provide all the needed funding to achieve the first existing unit of real artificial intelligence.
We are aware that this will represent a challenge for the human being, but as long as we keep our faith in humans and their superior place in the universe we will overcome this challenge. The technological approach that is leading us to this new door of science is supported by new mathematical formulas based on the bamboo growth (irregular growth) translated into a regular mathematical formula, that combined with regular linguistic mathematical equations, will bridge the irregular structure of intelligence with the regular behavior of computers in order to achieve true artificial intelligence. The previous paradigm will be combined with a new generation of asynchronous computers that will no longer use the sense of time, to avoid perception by calculation (as a computer does) and produce perception by direct recognition, as human intelligence does.

>> Funds are in the process of being prepared to start a production of new units related to a breakthrough technology to measure material fatigue of any physical object in a totally revolutionary way. This discovery has among others, a huge application in space, aeronautic and transport industry.

>> EEDC is analyzing a group of new technologies and approaches to reduce drug dependency and to provide help and support to human beings in this dramatic problem of our century. This new analysis will include not only educational centres with cheaper and effective facilities, but as well the study of alternative therapies based on new chemicals, brain wave induction, hypnosis, alternative medicine, computerized visual and auditive brain and environmental reconstruction.

>> On the subject of cancer EEDC has been approached by a scientific research group with a breakthrough synthesis that is providing new hope for human beings affected by cancer. This new complex of drugs includes a novel medication that eliminates the potential side effect of chemotherapy, and some of today's standard treatments. As per the report we received, the new cure has been applied to an important number of patients with a major positive result. EEDC will initiate a research in conjunction with a well recognize team of scientists to test the system that is providing expectation and hope.

>> A unified waste and water treatment technology capable of producing large amounts of energy at industrial level (in MW) pollution free, is now in the process of being analyzed. This hyper chemical reduction system takes all sorts of waste, industrial, urban, medical, hazardous, toxic, residues from refineries, and hard elements to be recycled as tyres.

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