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b) Metamorphosis travelling festival:
EEDC will create the first itinerant or travelling festival of the arts that will act like a cultural river travelling and visiting periodically different cities and continents, and incorporating all sorts of arts and cultural manifestations from different parts of the planet.
This festival will promote the creation of new forms of cultural fusion and activities, political and human understanding, and it will be the living and changing shape of transformation and itinerancy for the arts. Some of the selected cities that have been discussed for this world project in its first stages are Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, Madrid, Brussels, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Bangkok, and Mexico City.
The festival will include all sorts of performing arts with a special orientation into new forms of artistic language, fusion and transformation , providing opportunities not only to well recognized artists but to new values in the world of art. Gradually the festival will be including other segments, such as painting, poetry, literature, photography, and new art forms.

c) Metamorphic Orchestra and Art Group:
EEDC is working in the creation in a new concept of orchestra and art group that will have the structure of a mobile and transforming platform.
This vehicular platform will change its musicians, directors, artists and programs, transforming itself with the identity of the new performers, the new programs, and places where it is presented.

This art vehicle, being a mobile platform, will be gathering new artists and musicians from around the world. In addition the art platform will be in magnetic force to attract all sorts of performing arts, modern or classical. This art platform will be a travelling on metamorphic vehicle, transforming art and itself in its route around the world.


This acronym corresponds to network non-network. A new communication system described elsewhere in the website based on a mathematical pattern where an element that does not belong to the operative identity of the elements of a set, is introduced to command and coordinate all the elements of a selected group. This mathematical behavior is used as the basis of a concept by EEDC. That is why this seventh element of the general structure of EEDC is a non-element in the set of elements of EEDC.
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