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Third, we will look for competitive offsets in order to provide additional benefits for the project in relation to the country or group that will execute the job. For instance, large companies from various countries, working on the same segment can provide more or less the same solution and the same high quality standard. Depending on our capacity to negotiate we can procure better offset conditions and better agreements with their governments to give more help to the contracting organization or individual.
Fourth, we have in our network and intellectual portfolio, a strong group of geopolitical advisers with consistent and well-recognised knowledge in history, geography, economy, science, technology, and world politics. This group will give advice and guidelines to conclude the task in the best financial, technical and strategic way, including a complete analysis and master plan.
These are in brief some of the advantages that the Institute will provide to individuals or nations for the best development of their needs and the conclusion of their projects.

VI. EEDC Trust for Arts and Humanities:

It is our firm obligation and irrevocable commitment to increase human values, spirituality of men and the cultural fundaments of life. Since we are registered as a World Development Organization our members have to be committed to the welfare of the human race. The spreading of human principles, cultural and spiritual awareness, expansion of knowledge free of barriers, expansion of creativity and inventiveness is one of our deepest tasks.
The essential concept behind the Trust is that we are spiritual and cultural creatures whose consciousness and feeling of the sacred and a superior reality within us and nature, provides the basis of our conscious identity.
Our goal is to remind and solidify this consciousness through the expansion of the spiritual and cultural aspects of life beyond our biological status. The function of the Trust is to provide support, help and funds for the development of art in all its expressions, including the fusion of all sort of cultural forms, the promotion of humanitarian activities in all segments of life irrespective of belief and nation.
Cultural life should be for humankind a second environment and something as ecological and natural as the rest of our surrounding reality.
For this purpose we have developed a criteria to provide funds for the development of new concepts and forms of art.
In consequence, we are in the process starting to develop new projects, as a first step in this long race for human awareness, and enhancement. Among them should be mentioned the following humanitarian and cultural projects:

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